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The truck tyre retreading sector has come a long way since its inception. Technological advancements in the process of retreading have enabled manufacturers to produce highly durable, secure, and quality tyres for commercial fleets.

Produced from recycled rubber, retreaded tyres are inexpensive compared to their brand new counterparts. Particularly when buying bigger tyres like the wide-based truck tyres, these cost savings are quite significant for any fleet’s bottom line.

Wide-based tyres like those used on trucks, larger vehicles, construction or farm equipment usually come with a hefty price tag. To stretch your fleet budget further and improve your cost efficiency, it is always a good idea to invest in wide-based tyres that have been retreated.

Retreaded wide-based truck tyres are recycled tyres put through a rigorous process that makes them safe and stronger for re-use. Retreaded tyres are more affordable than new tyres, making them a smart option for both businesses and individuals.

Since their entrance into the market, retreaded wide-based truck tyres have increasingly gained popularity even though they still make up a minority of the market.

But, there’s no doubt that retreaded wide-based tyres are the right choice for fleet owners thanks to their fuel efficiency, weight savings and load efficiency.

Did you know that the cost of a super single tyre is almost that of a pair of standard tyres? Well, now you know.

As you consider investing in a super single tyre it is prudent to keep in mind the fact that wide-based tyres are quite expensive and hence it’s important to ensure the trade-off is worth the investment.

Fleets that rely heavily on wide-based truck tyres appreciate the benefits that come with these specialized tyres despite the high cost. With stringent budgets to stick to, fleet managers have to find ways to make the most out of their financial commitment on wide-based tyres.

Excitedly, wide-based truck tyre retreading has been extremely successful, with the outcome delivering the same benefits that retreading has provided to other kinds of tyres.

Retreading is one of the most effective ways of reducing the life-cycle cost of super single truck tyres. Despite the market for super single tyre casings being tight, retreading delivers better value than turning in these tyres for credit after a single service life.

Notably, not all retreading companies can handle wide-based truck tyres as this process involves modern equipment like buffers and rims/hubs to handle the wider tyres. Unfortunately, not all retreaders have the capacity to install this kind of equipment in their facilities.

One of the few facilities that specialize in retreading wide-based truck tyres is 3G Tyres Company licensed and founded in 2008.

The company also provides repair and retreading services of other types of tyres besides supplying both retreaded and OTR (off the road) tyres that are used for various needs.

The customer-driven company is committed to excellence, honesty and ultimate satisfaction of the end-user.

Save Money With Wide-Based Truck Tyre Retreading

Similar returns on investment are applicable to standard tyres as those of wide-based tyres though the figures are higher. And apparently, between a new tyre and a retread, retreading gives better value than purchasing two new tyres over the same period and mileage.

In addition, the process of retreading wide-based truck tyres not only provides significant savings but also provides more budgetary benefits to fleet managers.

Given the combination of lighter weight wheel ends and few flexing sidewalls, super single truck tyres ultimately improve fuel efficiency by about 5%, leading to reduced expenditure on fuel.

When combined with savings earned inherently through retreads with warranties that safeguard against defects in material or workmanship, you are guaranteed a better bottom line in no time for your fleet.


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