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The advancement in retreading technology and processes in the past two decades has delivered significant value to fleet owners. 

Today, retreaded tyres are made to standards that give new tyres a run for their price. And this is not only in terms of great cost savings but also ecological advantages too. 

Being cost-efficient and reliable and featuring excellent quality similar to those of brand new tyres, retreads have in recent years gained more popularity and moved to become the No.1 choice for most motorists in the country. 

Each day thousands of tyres across SA are saved from landfills and put back to service through the process of retreading. And there’s no doubt that retreads are a better option for new tyres, thanks to the countless benefits of retreads.

Considering that most major truck tyre manufacturers produce tyres for several lifespans, it means tyres are designed to be retreaded. As such, when motorists fail to retread their worn-out tyres, they are simply throwing away money.


Since some of the major tyre manufacturers like Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear are already including retreading as one of their main products meaning retreads are the future that is already here with us.

Interestingly, more and more fleet owners and managers are turning to retreaded tyres in their quest to cut running costs per kilometre and ultimately improve their bottom lines. 

In addition, retreads are proven to be safe and durable when compared to standard tyres as long as retreaded tyres are produced by a reputable retreading company which does not compromise on the quality of its processes and materials. 

As a way of saving on their budgets, most truck fleet plans nowadays involve having the casings of new tyres retreaded twice or thrice as a routine part of saving on their maintenance budgets. 

SA’s retreading Company One of the Best In The World

Did you know that one of the world’s biggest commercial truck tyres retreading plant is in South Africa? That’s right. 3G Tyres which began with a simple idea of reducing tyre maintenance costs has grown to become one of the leading specialists in tyre retreading across the country and beyond.   

With 3G Tyres now churning out on average a similar number of retreads as some of the most established retreading companies in the USA, it’s just a matter of time before retreads become the preferred tyres in the market. 

So, what do the world’s biggest retreading companies have in common with 3G Tyres local company? 

Well, they both integrate highest quality products such as curing tubes, MAE envelopes as well as pincott buffing blades that ensure each retreaded tyre performs as good as a new tyre. 

The company

Since 2008, 3G Tyres has expanded its retreading services to provide comprehensive services that feature all types of tyres from the small passenger tyres to the biggest truck or earthmover tyres. 

Through extensive research, 3G Tyres has been able to design and produce suitable retread products based on customer needs and demands. 

To learn more about why 3G Tyres is one of the best retreading companies in South Africa when it comes to the repair, supply and manufacture of repairs, click here.


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