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For many South African motorists, the extent of engagements they have with their tyres is small—they simply buy a set of tyres, fix the tyres on their car and then wheel them around. Then after some time, they retire the worn outset and buy new ones. 

Unfortunately, the lifecycle of a tyre isn’t anything like ABC…Retreading is an option for tyres with some degree of wear but still have enough rubber to be reused. 

While retreading is gaining more popularity among fleet vehicle owners and managers, the process involved is thorough, making it a worthwhile alternative. 

The retreading process

Proper maintenance and right driving habits do prolong a tyre’s life. Even if the wear and tear catches up with them along the way and are no longer fit for use on the road, instead of buying brand new tyres, retreading comes in handy as an effective way to save money. 

Essentially, the materials needed to retread are less costly compared to the cost of manufacturing a new set of tyres. While the retreading process varies depending on the tyre and the extent of damage, all retreading processes feature vigorous inspection of the tyre to ensure it’s suitable for retreading before being stripped back into its casing, and thereafter cemented on a fresh layer of tread used to replace the old, worn-out layer. 

Retreads are considered ideal for tyres that are heavy-duty like those used on trucks, construction vehicles and trailers. While retreaded tyres do make a lot of economic sense for businesses with fleets of vehicles, they also make an economic difference for other motorists. 

The Benefits of Retreads are more

While retreading has raised concerns in some quarters, there are huge factors that favour the process. Compared to the past decades, retro-revival tyres are now made with precision of safety standards. 

Retreaded tyre manufacturers like 3G Tyres subject their retreads to similar safety processes as those used in making brand new tyres. The company also adheres to strict safety controls that ensure the safety of the vehicles and the roads they run on. And so if retreaded tyres weren’t considered safe, they would not even appear on our roads. 

Retreaded tyres also boast the green factor. Even though tyre technology has generally been improving and it’s obvious that we will see more eco-friendly tyres roll into the market, it’s a sad reality that old tyres that don’t get retreaded find their way to landfills. 

Businesses looking to cut on their operations costs can consider retreads as they ultimately save fleet owners millions of Rands when multiple sets of tyres are retreaded over many years. This translates to big savings for business owners with several vehicles in their fleet. 

Why Choose 3G Tyres?

3G Tyres is a premier company specializing in truck tyre retreading in South Africa. We are reputable and stand by our tyres which we supply, service, repair and retread. 

We focus on you and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, thanks to our use of high-grade products, excellent workmanship and affordable rates. When you need retreats in South Africa, trust 3G Tyres for quality, longer-lasting tyres.



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