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If you still think retreads are unsafe, please don’t fly—because guess what, nearly 100 percent of all major airlines fit their planes with retreads. Shocked? Don’t be, just keep reading.

Undoubtedly, retreads have earned a bad rap over the years but if you thought retreads are not as good as premium tyres then you’re mistaken. Sorry if this sounds abrupt; but a fact is just a fact. 

Here are some facts…

Today’s top quality retreads are manufactured and fitted with impressive technology advances that guarantee the safety, reliability, performance and cost-efficiency of retreads.

Whether used in major trucking fleets, commercial and military airlines, school and municipal buses or fire engines and other emergency vehicles, retreads are trusted and dependable.

Globally, thousands of owners/operators and small package delivery services like, FED EX are turning to retreads to save the environment and sustain the future.

In 2017, about 14.3 million commercial truck tyres were successfully retreaded, ultimately saving 214 million gallons of oil and about 228 million pounds of steel.

The thing is, retreads are safe and surprisingly equal or even exceeding the mileage performance of premium new tyres.

And what exactly do we mean by retreading?

Well, the term retreading refers to the process of taking high quality casing whose tread is worn down and reproducing it with a newer layer of treat which only consumes a fraction of the raw materials used in manufacturing a new tyre.

Usually, a new premium tyre can be retreaded 3 to 4 times during its useful life, increasing its economic and environmental benefits.

New studies detail multiple benefits that impact heavily on global warming, CO2 , particle emissions, resource reductions as well as land usage.

Apparently, retreads have…

How about the environment?

Purchasing a retread tyre is in itself a win-win situation considering that retreads are less expensive comparable to the new premium tyres. In essence, you act responsibly by conserving the environment besides saving money. As a matter of fact, retreading existing tyres is a smart and economical way that drives the environment forward by conserving the planet’s valuable natural resources.

Retreads and the Environment

Hey, are you thinking of retreading? Why not! Retreading is recycling!!! If you’re considering redefining your ecological attitude, then retreading is the way to go.

When it comes to retreads, expert analyses of the life-cycle of major tyre brands confirm significant benefits to the environment.

For instance, compared to premium tyres, one 18-wheel truck moving on retreaded tyres would save more energy that can be used to power nearly 29,000 households for 1 hour. The retreading process preserves approximately 80% of the old tyre and up to 70% of energy.

Choosing tyre retreading over replacement is the most environmentally responsible and sustainable decision. This is because a new tyre requires nearly 83 litres of oil yet only 26 litres are enough to retread a worn out tire.

According to data published by the Environmental Protection Agency, retreading a single tyre takes 26 litres of oil as compared to 83 litres used for making a brand new tire.

We in this industry believe that not retreading your tyres when the original tread is worn out is as good as tearing up your money and throwing them out of the window as you spin down the highway.

And so when it’s time to think retread and environment, think 3G Tyres!

About us: 3G Tyres

We are the most trusted retread solution, bringing the reliability of new tyres and savings of unmatched retreads that spell DURABILITY, QUALITY and PERFORMANCE. 

For over a decade, 3G Tyres has been providing advanced solutions backed by our commitment to excellence, integrity and end-user satisfaction through efficient services and top-grade products at affordable rates.

Based in Johannesburg South Africa we boast professionals dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality retreads in sustainable ways. Whether tyre repair or retreading services, we ensure superior traction and safety every time.

Our retreading processes feature high standards, personalized and localized solutions for your unique needs.

Choosing 3G Tyres’ Retreading means

  • A controlled process that uses hi-tech equipment
  • On-site technical consulting, inspection and casing management
  • Premium new tyres manufactured to be retreaded
  • A wide range (differing in sizes and features) designed to meet your unique needs
  • Retreading plants subjected to annual homologation (ECE109), which applies durability tests similar to homologation of new tyres.

Our commitment to future generations and the environment remains solid. Each day we forge forward with new initiatives that ensure sustainable practices while using highly efficient, advanced processes and equipment to reduce waste and energy consumption at all levels.

Are you ready to build a better planet with the leading retread company in the world? When you need to reduce consumption and save the environment with retreads, think us—3G Tyres.


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