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South Africa’s tyre industry is set to change radically, ushering in a new sense of driving priorities that will become mandatory for a majority of motorists.

 And hey, don’t wait for announcements and launches…it will happen so suddenly…in fact, it’s already happening and motorists are rethinking their priorities. 

Your ability to enjoy a ride down the road will soon depend on several new factors. Budgets will be cut. Maintenance costs of fleets will grow thinner and tyre companies will revise their strategies. Retreats will become the craze.

The reason for all this is, of course, The uncertainty and tougher economic times ahead. So…..

It’s time to check your tyres. Are they in good condition? Where do you buy your tyres? Who manufactures them? Do you prefer retreads or brand new tyres? 

When it comes to tyres, several stresses make them wear out so fast—heat and scrub, excessive weight, high speeds, rough surfaces, the wrong amount of tyre pressure, sharp braking, cornering and acceleration. Hence, the more the stresses, the more you will spend on tyres.

There is no denying that the novel coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the global economy, South Africa not exempted, as indicated by the various performance matrixes of financial markets, the volatility of the Rand, disruption of global supply chains, and reversal of prior fiscal and monetary policies. 

Consequently, the economic fortunes of many fleet owners and motorists haven’t been in tune with the pandemic; as such, the idea of purchasing new tyres and the coins of the old wallet don’t just add up. 

So are retreads a realistic, timely and better option? The answer is yes.

While the culture of tyre maintenance in Africa has not been fully embraced and retreaded tyres are pitched mainly as budget alternatives to standard tyres, retreads have several advantages over brand new tyres besides playing a major role in the overall cycle of a tyre.

Delivering more reliable, longer-lasting, better looking and balanced retreads is a sure way for retreading companies to survive the tough economic times and remain in business. 

Just like the rest of retread markets across the globe, the SA market has largely been affected by the ongoing pandemic as well as the influx of cheap Chinese tyre imports. 

This has caused a significant change in the dynamics of most retreading businesses and those that will survive are those ready to adapt the new critical developments set to happen, and thereafter evolve to ensure growth and survival. 

It’s time for the retreading industry to innovate for more sustainable growth. By focusing on producing efficient, better quality and cost-effective products, retreads are bound to market themselves better as they prepare for the future.  

As a local innovative and forward-looking retreading company, 3G Tyres stands tall as the leading manufacturer set to thrive through this tough economic season. Built on the tenets of honesty, excellence and customer satisfaction, the company has grown to become a specialist in truck tyre retreading delivering unmatched high-grade retreats that spell efficiency and cost-saving.

From supplying and repairing retreads to retreading services in South Africa, 3G Tyres guarantees top-notch retreaded tyres that are affordable, superior and last longer.

Forget the Chinese imports today and save with reliable retreads from 3G.


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