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From off-road to wet and dry road, tar road to sand, mud or rocky roads, a good tyre needs to cope well under all road conditions. 

So, between brand new tyres and retreads, what’s the best and most affordable choice for your fleet of trucks? Read on to find out why you should consider retreads.

Frankly speaking, buying new tyres for your fleet can be a costly nightmare. Even if you’ve made up your mind about the kind of tyre supplier you want to buy from, you can easily get distracted by special offers and advertisements that abound in the market and end up not getting value for your hard-earned cash.  

Sadly, the tough economic times brought by Covid-19 are pushing more and more South African fleet owners to roll their tyres further than the required safe threshold of their expected lifespan, something that’s now contributing to the surge in the country’s accident levels. 

Of course, a frustrated base of fleet managers means only a few truck owners replacing their tyres hence causing increased risks on the road.

However, an effective approach to tyre maintenance and use of retreads can help fleet managers to save on costs while ensuring the safety of their truck drivers and other road users.

While a retreaded tyre is as excellent as a brand new tyre, there are a few attributes of a good tyre that you should consider besides durability. Obviously, having a good grip on the road when taking corners and during wet season and affordability—are all desirable qualities too.

While getting a new tyre that scores top marks in all these features is hard to find on the market, the best tyres are those that take a good compromise of all these desirable qualities. Retreads will give you a blend of all the top qualities.

Considering how inferior tyres are streaming into the South African market from the Far East, it’s wise to trust a reputable local brand that specializes in the manufacture, repair and supply of quality retreaded tyres across the country. 

Relying on an established retreaded tyre dealer like 3G Tyres will help you minimize the risk of buying sub-standard retreads that endanger lives and ultimately offer no return on your investment. 

As a reliable retread tyre company in South Africa, 3G Tyres manufactures, retreads, repairs and supplies high-level performance tyres that can be used on all terrains whether on-the-road or off-the-road.  

Whether you are looking for high levels of grip, traction or safety without compromising on your budget, our retreads guarantee just that and more including superior quality and affordability. 

Thanks to our advanced technologies, robust construction and hands-on retread patterns when manufacturing our truck tyres, we deliver excellent tyres that provide maximum safety and smooth rides down the lanes. 

Are you in South Africa and looking for the best quality retreaded tyres for your fleet of trucks? Go no further than 3G Tyres. We are focused on you—your ultimate satisfaction and safety while ensuring efficient service and high-grade products at affordable rates every time.

Whether looking to vulcanize your tyres, tyre salvaging, new tyres, tyre retreading or puncture repairs, we are the company to trust.

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