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Climate change has become a monster in recent years with drought, floods, bushfires, heat waves, tornadoes, dangerous storms, health impacts, erosion in coastal areas and insect outbreaks being serious concerns directly linked to global climate change. 

This has led to increased awareness around the ongoing climate crisis and various measures within the transport industry are being undertaken in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Manufacture of retreaded tyres and electric vehicles have been some of the effective ways adopted by the industry and are quickly gaining popularity. In fact, the UK has already announced a ban on all non-zero emission vehicles by 2035

Fossil fuels used to manufacture petroleum products have been strongly linked to global warming and more effort has been put in phasing it out completely but little circumventing has taken place on how tyres affect our environment.  

Over the years, tyres have been a real environmental hazard on roadsides and landfills though things are changing now and many tyre manufacturing companies are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly in their tyre production through recycling old tyres.

Tyre retreading is simply the process of revamping old tyres. In the past few years, tyre retreading has gained popularity in the South African market as more sophisticated systems and computer-controlled equipment are utilized to retread tyres that provide an excellent alternative to brand new tyres—and at a lower cost.

The process of retreading tyres uses techniques that attach the veneer to the old tyre so as to make it unique and as good as new, making it even difficult to differentiate between a new or old tyre. 

Tyres can be retreaded severally helping reduce pollution and save the environment. This helps defer millions of tyres headed for landfills and putting them back into use for thousands of more miles. 

And just imagine this, when 15 million tyres are retreaded every year, it translates to about 225 million gallons of oil savings each year. 

The best Retreading Companies

I will be honest with you….Not every retreading company out there does a great job. The process of retreading is thorough and requires utmost care and attention to detail that can only be guaranteed by a company that is committed to customer satisfaction, superior quality and excellent workmanship at all times like 3G Tyres. 

We are a locally based retreading company that boasts state-of-the-art retreading equipment and processes that ensure effective tyre inspection, buffing, repair, curing and curving of new retreads. 

Our retreaded tyres are made to last longer and reduce the overall tyre costs. We deliver excellent retreading services at affordable rates. 

Besides retreading, we also offer a full range of proven, cost-effective and top-quality tyre solutions including vulcanizing repair, puncture repair, tyre salvaging and supply of retreaded tyres and off the road tyres (OTR) that cater to various needs and requirements.

Founded in 2008, 3G Tyres’ main aim is to save the environment and help fleet managers to reduce their tyre maintenance costs through retreads that deliver real value. 

With the end-user in mind, we work to produce high-grade products and efficient retreading service at an affordable rate.

If you are in South Africa and need reliable retreads, choose us, choose 3G Tyres. 


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