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I don’t mind what your position is when it comes to retreading, but then, you’ll be interested to know that a casing is the most terrible thing you can ever waste given that about 75% of the price of your tyres goes into it.

If you keep a keen eye on casing value, you’ll realise that casings sold on the market fetch only a fraction of their true worth. Averagely, you could make R900 to R1200 on a good casing in any tight market, yet retreading the same casing can fetch you a new tyre plus hundreds of thousands of miles of life to it—besides being retread-able several times in future.

So, realistically, where does the real casing value lie? Keep reading to learn more.

Properly retreaded tyres can extend the casing lifespan by two, three or even four times; substantially reducing the tyre’s lifecycle costs in the long run.

But first let’s keep in mind that producing high-quality casing underpins a successful retreading program. While the initial casing investment in new tyres with durable casings can stretch budget boundaries, the increased savings from better truck tyre retreading process will far-outweigh the cost of your investment, maximizing the value of the worn down truck tyres.

Casings from reputable manufacturers like 3G Tyres are designed to be highly retreadable and repairable, lasting longer and more than one life, especially when properly maintenance. In essence, a good tyre management program will deliver the lowest overall running cost.

Safeguarding the value of your casing is crucial and so whether you choose to retread or turn tyres in for credit after they are worn out, one thing is for sure, there’s a very thin line between saving money and wasting it.

Of course, the costs of retreading a tyre vary based on the type of the retread, but with a good choice of a retreader, the quality of the casing can be as excellent as that of a new tyre at a price that is about half that of a new tyre.

Tyre Retreading Worth Your Investment

When it comes to truck tyres’ fleet operation budgets, tyre repair and maintenance take the biggest share. However, tyre retreading programs are emerging as some of the most effective ways for fleet managers to cut the overall costs of their commercial fleets.

Driving with worn out tyres is extremely dangerous and hence investing more in your fleet tyres can save you thousands of dollars along the way on premature blowouts and unnecessary downtimes.

It hardly needs to be said, a retreaded tyre is just as strong as its original casing. When ready to embark on a truck tyre retreading program for your commercial truck tyres, purchase new tyres from brands whose casings make good candidates for the previous retreading process.

This ensures retreaded tyres are safer, stronger and more reliable.

When a sturdy initial casing undergoes advanced belt processes, tight uniform bead bundling and tougher rubber compounds, the retreading cycles for your fleet’s tyres will definitely increase.

 So, what does a proper casing maintenance for Truck Tyre Retreading entail?

Besides investing in a great set of commercial truck tyres, fleets should keep up with a good tyre maintenance program. It goes without saying that tyre pressure and tyre inflation must be monitored before, during and immediately after travel.

Fleet managers as well as truck drivers should regularly inspect the following to ensure the casings remain in perfect conditions for the eventual tyre retreading process:

  • Ensure all your casings have same wear patterns
  • Confirm tyre tread depth to detect any imbalances in wear and tear
  • Inspect tyres for physical damage including tears, holes or punctures
  • Keep tyre pressure and inflation at required levels


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