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Preventative maintenance

When It Comes To Retreads—Cheap Is Not Expensive

I bet by now you know that retreaded tyres cost half as much as new tyres meaning they are worth your every penny. 

Well, there’s no denying it—most people love buying new things including tyres. But then, one of the debates in the commercial trucking industry that has refused to go away is whether to buy new or retreaded tyres when replacing tyres.

While both do offer fleet managers their own bunch of benefits, one thing is for sure, retreads are cheaper than standard tyres yet they perform as good as new tyres, ultimately saving you a lot on repair and maintenance budgets. 

As a matter of fact, the cost of purchasing tyres constitutes about 4 per cent of the total operating cost of a fleet. And the condition of tyres determines the fuel consumption ability of the vehicle which usually takes nearly a quarter of the overall cost. 

Today, major leading tyre manufacturing companies are integrating certified retreading programs in their products and services. And this explains just why retreads are becoming cheaper than new ones as they also take about three times less oil to produce than a new one. 

It’s no wonder an increasing number of trailer and truck owners choose to buy cheaper tyres after their regeneration. 

During manufacture, retreaded tyres utilize original casing with fresh tread rubber. The tyre retreading process also involves quality standards as those used in manufacture of new tyres in terms of safety, durability and tread-depth but since the casing is re-used, they become less expensive than brand new tyres.  

Ultimately, the option to retread your tyres can save you a considerable sum of your operations cost thereby boosting your bottom line. 

Considering that retreaded tyres repurpose parts from old tyres, they are more ecologically friendly than their brand new counterparts. This enables fleet managers to play their part of saving the environment in a sector that is often accused of greatly contributing to the overall carbon footprint. 

3G Tyres Commercial Truck Tyre Retreading Services

Since its inception 12 years ago, 3G Tyres has grown to become one of the leading truck tyre retreading companies in South Africa. Today, the company is listed as one of the premier commercial tyre specialists, saving millions of litres of oil, overall maintenance costs of fleet companies and the environment at large. 

3G Tyres is well established and offers fleet managers a wide range of truck tyre retreading services including the supply, servicing and repair of retreaded tyres. 

Featuring a highly advanced manufacturing process, retreaded tyres provide the highest level of performance and safety on the road. This has been confirmed by major tyre manufacturing companies that retreads are no different from new ones. 

Why choose 3G Tyres?

  • High-grade products 
  • Timely and efficient service 
  • Affordable rates
  • Long-lasting tyres

If you are in South Africa and looking for reliable and long-lasting retreated truck tyres, contact our team now to discuss your tyre needs and available options and choose the best retreads that suit your needs.


Tyre Retreading

Why Retreads Are The Future In South Africa

The advancement in retreading technology and processes in the past two decades has delivered significant value to fleet owners. 

Today, retreaded tyres are made to standards that give new tyres a run for their price. And this is not only in terms of great cost savings but also ecological advantages too. 

Being cost-efficient and reliable and featuring excellent quality similar to those of brand new tyres, retreads have in recent years gained more popularity and moved to become the No.1 choice for most motorists in the country. 

Each day thousands of tyres across SA are saved from landfills and put back to service through the process of retreading. And there’s no doubt that retreads are a better option for new tyres, thanks to the countless benefits of retreads.

Considering that most major truck tyre manufacturers produce tyres for several lifespans, it means tyres are designed to be retreaded. As such, when motorists fail to retread their worn-out tyres, they are simply throwing away money.


Since some of the major tyre manufacturers like Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear are already including retreading as one of their main products meaning retreads are the future that is already here with us.

Interestingly, more and more fleet owners and managers are turning to retreaded tyres in their quest to cut running costs per kilometre and ultimately improve their bottom lines. 

In addition, retreads are proven to be safe and durable when compared to standard tyres as long as retreaded tyres are produced by a reputable retreading company which does not compromise on the quality of its processes and materials. 

As a way of saving on their budgets, most truck fleet plans nowadays involve having the casings of new tyres retreaded twice or thrice as a routine part of saving on their maintenance budgets. 

SA’s retreading Company One of the Best In The World

Did you know that one of the world’s biggest commercial truck tyres retreading plant is in South Africa? That’s right. 3G Tyres which began with a simple idea of reducing tyre maintenance costs has grown to become one of the leading specialists in tyre retreading across the country and beyond.   

With 3G Tyres now churning out on average a similar number of retreads as some of the most established retreading companies in the USA, it’s just a matter of time before retreads become the preferred tyres in the market. 

So, what do the world’s biggest retreading companies have in common with 3G Tyres local company? 

Well, they both integrate highest quality products such as curing tubes, MAE envelopes as well as pincott buffing blades that ensure each retreaded tyre performs as good as a new tyre. 

The company

Since 2008, 3G Tyres has expanded its retreading services to provide comprehensive services that feature all types of tyres from the small passenger tyres to the biggest truck or earthmover tyres. 

Through extensive research, 3G Tyres has been able to design and produce suitable retread products based on customer needs and demands. 

To learn more about why 3G Tyres is one of the best retreading companies in South Africa when it comes to the repair, supply and manufacture of repairs, click here.


Tyre Retreading

What Is Tyre Retreading and Is It Safe?

For many South African motorists, the extent of engagements they have with their tyres is small—they simply buy a set of tyres, fix the tyres on their car and then wheel them around. Then after some time, they retire the worn outset and buy new ones. 

Unfortunately, the lifecycle of a tyre isn’t anything like ABC…Retreading is an option for tyres with some degree of wear but still have enough rubber to be reused. 

While retreading is gaining more popularity among fleet vehicle owners and managers, the process involved is thorough, making it a worthwhile alternative. 

The retreading process

Proper maintenance and right driving habits do prolong a tyre’s life. Even if the wear and tear catches up with them along the way and are no longer fit for use on the road, instead of buying brand new tyres, retreading comes in handy as an effective way to save money. 

Essentially, the materials needed to retread are less costly compared to the cost of manufacturing a new set of tyres. While the retreading process varies depending on the tyre and the extent of damage, all retreading processes feature vigorous inspection of the tyre to ensure it’s suitable for retreading before being stripped back into its casing, and thereafter cemented on a fresh layer of tread used to replace the old, worn-out layer. 

Retreads are considered ideal for tyres that are heavy-duty like those used on trucks, construction vehicles and trailers. While retreaded tyres do make a lot of economic sense for businesses with fleets of vehicles, they also make an economic difference for other motorists. 

The Benefits of Retreads are more

While retreading has raised concerns in some quarters, there are huge factors that favour the process. Compared to the past decades, retro-revival tyres are now made with precision of safety standards. 

Retreaded tyre manufacturers like 3G Tyres subject their retreads to similar safety processes as those used in making brand new tyres. The company also adheres to strict safety controls that ensure the safety of the vehicles and the roads they run on. And so if retreaded tyres weren’t considered safe, they would not even appear on our roads. 

Retreaded tyres also boast the green factor. Even though tyre technology has generally been improving and it’s obvious that we will see more eco-friendly tyres roll into the market, it’s a sad reality that old tyres that don’t get retreaded find their way to landfills. 

Businesses looking to cut on their operations costs can consider retreads as they ultimately save fleet owners millions of Rands when multiple sets of tyres are retreaded over many years. This translates to big savings for business owners with several vehicles in their fleet. 

Why Choose 3G Tyres?

3G Tyres is a premier company specializing in truck tyre retreading in South Africa. We are reputable and stand by our tyres which we supply, service, repair and retread. 

We focus on you and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, thanks to our use of high-grade products, excellent workmanship and affordable rates. When you need retreats in South Africa, trust 3G Tyres for quality, longer-lasting tyres.



Preventative maintenance, Save Costs

How Retreads Save Our Environment

Climate change has become a monster in recent years with drought, floods, bushfires, heat waves, tornadoes, dangerous storms, health impacts, erosion in coastal areas and insect outbreaks being serious concerns directly linked to global climate change. 

This has led to increased awareness around the ongoing climate crisis and various measures within the transport industry are being undertaken in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Manufacture of retreaded tyres and electric vehicles have been some of the effective ways adopted by the industry and are quickly gaining popularity. In fact, the UK has already announced a ban on all non-zero emission vehicles by 2035

Fossil fuels used to manufacture petroleum products have been strongly linked to global warming and more effort has been put in phasing it out completely but little circumventing has taken place on how tyres affect our environment.  

Over the years, tyres have been a real environmental hazard on roadsides and landfills though things are changing now and many tyre manufacturing companies are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly in their tyre production through recycling old tyres.

Tyre retreading is simply the process of revamping old tyres. In the past few years, tyre retreading has gained popularity in the South African market as more sophisticated systems and computer-controlled equipment are utilized to retread tyres that provide an excellent alternative to brand new tyres—and at a lower cost.

The process of retreading tyres uses techniques that attach the veneer to the old tyre so as to make it unique and as good as new, making it even difficult to differentiate between a new or old tyre. 

Tyres can be retreaded severally helping reduce pollution and save the environment. This helps defer millions of tyres headed for landfills and putting them back into use for thousands of more miles. 

And just imagine this, when 15 million tyres are retreaded every year, it translates to about 225 million gallons of oil savings each year. 

The best Retreading Companies

I will be honest with you….Not every retreading company out there does a great job. The process of retreading is thorough and requires utmost care and attention to detail that can only be guaranteed by a company that is committed to customer satisfaction, superior quality and excellent workmanship at all times like 3G Tyres. 

We are a locally based retreading company that boasts state-of-the-art retreading equipment and processes that ensure effective tyre inspection, buffing, repair, curing and curving of new retreads. 

Our retreaded tyres are made to last longer and reduce the overall tyre costs. We deliver excellent retreading services at affordable rates. 

Besides retreading, we also offer a full range of proven, cost-effective and top-quality tyre solutions including vulcanizing repair, puncture repair, tyre salvaging and supply of retreaded tyres and off the road tyres (OTR) that cater to various needs and requirements.

Founded in 2008, 3G Tyres’ main aim is to save the environment and help fleet managers to reduce their tyre maintenance costs through retreads that deliver real value. 

With the end-user in mind, we work to produce high-grade products and efficient retreading service at an affordable rate.

If you are in South Africa and need reliable retreads, choose us, choose 3G Tyres. 


Tyre Retreading

Retreads are the Future

South Africa’s tyre industry is set to change radically, ushering in a new sense of driving priorities that will become mandatory for a majority of motorists.

 And hey, don’t wait for announcements and launches…it will happen so suddenly…in fact, it’s already happening and motorists are rethinking their priorities. 

Your ability to enjoy a ride down the road will soon depend on several new factors. Budgets will be cut. Maintenance costs of fleets will grow thinner and tyre companies will revise their strategies. Retreats will become the craze.

The reason for all this is, of course, The uncertainty and tougher economic times ahead. So…..

It’s time to check your tyres. Are they in good condition? Where do you buy your tyres? Who manufactures them? Do you prefer retreads or brand new tyres? 

When it comes to tyres, several stresses make them wear out so fast—heat and scrub, excessive weight, high speeds, rough surfaces, the wrong amount of tyre pressure, sharp braking, cornering and acceleration. Hence, the more the stresses, the more you will spend on tyres.

There is no denying that the novel coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the global economy, South Africa not exempted, as indicated by the various performance matrixes of financial markets, the volatility of the Rand, disruption of global supply chains, and reversal of prior fiscal and monetary policies. 

Consequently, the economic fortunes of many fleet owners and motorists haven’t been in tune with the pandemic; as such, the idea of purchasing new tyres and the coins of the old wallet don’t just add up. 

So are retreads a realistic, timely and better option? The answer is yes.

While the culture of tyre maintenance in Africa has not been fully embraced and retreaded tyres are pitched mainly as budget alternatives to standard tyres, retreads have several advantages over brand new tyres besides playing a major role in the overall cycle of a tyre.

Delivering more reliable, longer-lasting, better looking and balanced retreads is a sure way for retreading companies to survive the tough economic times and remain in business. 

Just like the rest of retread markets across the globe, the SA market has largely been affected by the ongoing pandemic as well as the influx of cheap Chinese tyre imports. 

This has caused a significant change in the dynamics of most retreading businesses and those that will survive are those ready to adapt the new critical developments set to happen, and thereafter evolve to ensure growth and survival. 

It’s time for the retreading industry to innovate for more sustainable growth. By focusing on producing efficient, better quality and cost-effective products, retreads are bound to market themselves better as they prepare for the future.  

As a local innovative and forward-looking retreading company, 3G Tyres stands tall as the leading manufacturer set to thrive through this tough economic season. Built on the tenets of honesty, excellence and customer satisfaction, the company has grown to become a specialist in truck tyre retreading delivering unmatched high-grade retreats that spell efficiency and cost-saving.

From supplying and repairing retreads to retreading services in South Africa, 3G Tyres guarantees top-notch retreaded tyres that are affordable, superior and last longer.

Forget the Chinese imports today and save with reliable retreads from 3G.


Save Costs

Save Budgets With Safe Retreaded Tyres

Retreads entered the market many years ago primarily as a more affordable option to new tyres. Even though bad reputation has made them fall out of favour with some people, they still stand tall as the best option for budget-conscious fleet owners and other motorists.

Over the years, retreaded tyres have been tested, tried and proven to be safe and reliable. Besides being pocket-friendly, they are a green alternative thanks to their ability to reduce the volume of oil required to manufacture a tyre, something that has increased their popularity. 

So, what exactly are retreads? 

For those who may not know, retreads are tyres that have been re-manufactured through the application of grooves (new tread) to prolong their life. The old and worn tread is mounted using a highly specialized technology that involves both hot and cold curing.  

Travel for a few miles on any highway in South Africa and you will see huge chunks of rubber besides the road. This can be hazardous and guess what; retreads aren’t entirely responsible for the debris on the road as is widely and wrongly perceived. 

As a matter of fact, retreads save millions of rands in savings that far outweigh the potential hazards that even standard tyres cause. 

Retreads conserve fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, significantly minimize the number of tyres that end up in landfills, decrease the overall raw materials required to manufacture new tyres and support environmental sustainability since worn tyre casings are recycled and reused as new treads. With this, there’s every reason to consider retreads.  

Retreaded tyres are quickly becoming a craze in the trucking industry and commercial jets as they reduce the high maintenance costs for replacing tyres and dramatically extend the life of the tyre for nearly a third of the cost of buying new tyres. 

Just imagine operating a fleet of 18 wheeler trucks—the cost of replacing these tyres can really add up, yet a retread can run a trailer for more than half a million kilometres. Isn’t it worth investing in retreads? I bet your answer is as good as mine. 

Without a doubt, retreaded tyres save millions of gallons of oil during production and significantly cut carbon emissions and landfills. They are more environmentally friendly given that the tyres can be recycled several times over. 

Generally, a new truck tyre will weigh between 70-75kg. Instead of using 75kg of raw materials to build a new tyre, a retread will only require just about 20kg, ultimately saving millions of litres of oil per year, and significantly reducing the need to use more natural resources from the environment.   

Safe Retreads

Here in South Africa, tyre retreading is becoming a well-established industry. But don’t be cheated, not every retreading company out there can guarantee safe retreads. 

You need only to rely on specialists of tyre retreading that are committed to excellence, integrity and end-user satisfaction and safety. 

When you need to save on your fleet maintenance costs with retreads, there’s only one retreading company to choose, 3G Tyres. The company is for you and delivers high-grade products at affordable rates. 

Whether looking for repair and retreading services or supply of retreaded tyres and Otr (off the road tyres), we are the company to trust for all your retreaded tyre needs and requirements.

3G Tyres is known for the supply, servicing, repair and retreading of tyres. To learn more about us, click below

Request a Quote.


Fleet management

Need New Tyres for your Fleet: Here’s Why You Should Consider Retreads

From off-road to wet and dry road, tar road to sand, mud or rocky roads, a good tyre needs to cope well under all road conditions. 

So, between brand new tyres and retreads, what’s the best and most affordable choice for your fleet of trucks? Read on to find out why you should consider retreads.

Frankly speaking, buying new tyres for your fleet can be a costly nightmare. Even if you’ve made up your mind about the kind of tyre supplier you want to buy from, you can easily get distracted by special offers and advertisements that abound in the market and end up not getting value for your hard-earned cash.  

Sadly, the tough economic times brought by Covid-19 are pushing more and more South African fleet owners to roll their tyres further than the required safe threshold of their expected lifespan, something that’s now contributing to the surge in the country’s accident levels. 

Of course, a frustrated base of fleet managers means only a few truck owners replacing their tyres hence causing increased risks on the road.

However, an effective approach to tyre maintenance and use of retreads can help fleet managers to save on costs while ensuring the safety of their truck drivers and other road users.

While a retreaded tyre is as excellent as a brand new tyre, there are a few attributes of a good tyre that you should consider besides durability. Obviously, having a good grip on the road when taking corners and during wet season and affordability—are all desirable qualities too.

While getting a new tyre that scores top marks in all these features is hard to find on the market, the best tyres are those that take a good compromise of all these desirable qualities. Retreads will give you a blend of all the top qualities.

Considering how inferior tyres are streaming into the South African market from the Far East, it’s wise to trust a reputable local brand that specializes in the manufacture, repair and supply of quality retreaded tyres across the country. 

Relying on an established retreaded tyre dealer like 3G Tyres will help you minimize the risk of buying sub-standard retreads that endanger lives and ultimately offer no return on your investment. 

As a reliable retread tyre company in South Africa, 3G Tyres manufactures, retreads, repairs and supplies high-level performance tyres that can be used on all terrains whether on-the-road or off-the-road.  

Whether you are looking for high levels of grip, traction or safety without compromising on your budget, our retreads guarantee just that and more including superior quality and affordability. 

Thanks to our advanced technologies, robust construction and hands-on retread patterns when manufacturing our truck tyres, we deliver excellent tyres that provide maximum safety and smooth rides down the lanes. 

Are you in South Africa and looking for the best quality retreaded tyres for your fleet of trucks? Go no further than 3G Tyres. We are focused on you—your ultimate satisfaction and safety while ensuring efficient service and high-grade products at affordable rates every time.

Whether looking to vulcanize your tyres, tyre salvaging, new tyres, tyre retreading or puncture repairs, we are the company to trust.

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Fleet management, Preventative maintenance, Save Costs

Why consider buying retreads only from a trusted retread tyre supplier? Get the facts here!

Retreaded tyres? Why not! Whether you choose to retread your own tyres or buy them from a reputable dealer, one thing is for sure, retreaded tyres have notable benefits. 

Well, I know what you are thinking…..what about the many stubborn myths about retreads? To be frank, ignore them for now.

Retreaded tyres come with better quality besides being economical and environmentally friendly. And despite the remarkable technological advances in the past few years within the fitting and manufacturing of quality retreads, where you buy your retreaded tyres truly matters.

It’s about time you understand that not every retreading company out there has the expertise and machinery to deliver quality retreads that guarantee reliability, safety, great performance and cost-efficiency like 3G Tyre retreads; the more reason why you should read on.

Retreading process

The process of retreading tyres is thorough, requiring utmost attention, skill and know-how. From the initial inspection of the tyre to ensure it meets the stringent quality specifications; the buffing process to remove the remaining tread and sidewall rubber; the visual inspection of the buffed casing by an experienced eye; the building with new tread material through a computer-controlled process to enhance accuracy; to the curing process that places the ‘built’ tyre into hot and segmented redial matrix into a curing press; to the final inspection after the cured tyres are deflated, removed, cooled and trimmed, making high quality retreads requires experts who are keen to detail and dedicated to excellence. 

Come to think of it, almost every major airline company in this 21st century is equipping its planes with retreaded tyres. This demands that the tyres be manufactured by a trusted retread tyre supplier to ensure maximum safety every time. 

While quality brand new tyres are usually manufactured to be retreaded later, only the thoroughly inspected casings qualify to be retreaded. Keep in mind that retreading is a highly controlled process that involves hi-tech equipment and machinery.

In addition, the retreading plants are subjected to annual homologation (ECE109), with durability tests similar to those for homologation of new tyres are applied. 

 As a leader in retreading tyres, 3G Tyres specializes in the supply, servicing and repair of retreaded tyres and OTR (off the road) tyres.

Since the very beginning, 3G Tyres has been a safety and customer-driven enterprise dedicated to integrity, excellence and end-user satisfaction. We deliver top-grade products and seamless retread service at affordable costs. 

From vulcanizing repair, tyre salvaging to retreading, we built tyres for better, making economy meet ecology through our advanced tyre processes that make us the retreading specialist to trust. 

Buying Retreaded Tyres

It’s the best decision you can ever make. For those still teetering with the thought of whether to buy or not to buy retreads—this is for you. The benefits of retread are obvious, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that retreaded truck tyres are better on your pocket and for the environment. They are also better for your business as they reduce the maintenance costs and keep your fleet of trucks rolling. In essence, it all adds up to a smarter tyre solution that will save you money in the long run. 

If you’re ready to buy quality retreaded tyres from a premier tyre retreading company, request quote below.





Fleet management, Tyre Retreading

What are the factors that fleet managers should consider while buying retread or new tyres?

New rubber budgets and occasional blowouts have always been the determining factors in how fleet managers choose to roll down the road. Sadly, top on the list of factors that cause most collisions involving trucks have often been ageing tyres; and it’s easy to understand why.

The cost of buying brand new tyres for your fleet of trucks can cost you an arm and a leg, forcing most fleet operators to compromise on the safety of their vehicles, drivers and other road users. 

As a road user, my search for questions why sometimes tyres fail to take a firm grip of the road during unfolding emergencies has led me to one conclusion; always check your vehicle’s rubbers.

Consequently, the most ideal set of fleet tyres must be carefully chosen, which brings us to the reason for this post.

But first, let’s understand what retread tyres are. A retread is simply the part of the tyre that wears off when we drive. That is the casing—the part of your tyre that rarely gets attention. In other words, it’s the bead, the sidewalls where the tyre meets the rim as well as the tread.

Generally, federal regulations dictate that tyres should be changed when the tyre tread depth hits 2/32 of an inch or when the steer tyres get to 4/32 of an inch. 

Thankfully, with advanced technology, there are retread companies that now take used casings and put them through a thorough process that manufactures new treads.

Back to the topic at hand…

There are numerous factors that fleet managers ought to consider when considering the purchase of a tyre and these include fuel consumption, dry braking, tread life, the wet handling abilities and of course the price of the tyres. 

At this juncture, I must state that when it comes to fleet tyres, never sacrifice safety and performance for design because in emergencies and cost-cutting measures, how cool your tyres look at the parking lot means absolutely nothing.  

So when you have to choose between buying retreaded and new rollers, there are a few things you need to consider. 


  • Cost


Managing a fleet of vehicles is expensive. The cost of maintenance alone can suck a huge chunk out of your bottom line. Hence, you have to look for ways to save money—and tyre retreading is a worthwhile practice. Retreaded tyres are cost-effective, with price tags that are less than of the new ones. In fact, retreaded tyres cost a fraction of the price of brand new tyres. Additionally, tyres can be retreaded severally hence extending the life of the tyre by about 600,000 miles. With all these combined, the cost of a fleet tyre can reduce by up to two-thirds.


  • The Green Aspect


The process of retreading tyres is easier and environmentally friendly than dumping old, wasted tyres in landfills and purchasing new ones. Of course, broken up tyre debris littering highways has tainted the glory of retreads with many considering retreads unsafe; fortunately, the cons of retreaded tyres outweigh those of standard tyres. 

Keeping tyres out of landfills simply means fewer chemicals leaking into the environment and less space occupied by decomposing rubber. Furthermore, the process of tyre retreading consumes less oil than the process of manufacturing brand new tyres—in other words, 7 gallons against 22 gallons. That translates to a saving of 45 gallons of oil when one tyre is retreaded three times. 

Safety and Stability

While the notion that remanufactured tyres tend to perform poorly and are less safe and stable at high speeds, it’s no longer applicable in this era of advanced technology. Today’s tyre retread processes produce tyres that can move for long distances when drivers and fleet managers ensure proper inflation and carefully monitor the tread as it wears down.

While one argument against retreaded tyres that may hold some ground is that re-manufactured tyres are of inferior quality. However, it all comes down to the retreading company. 

A reputable company like 3G tyres does an exceptional job when it comes to what the company specialises in—retreading tyres.

In conclusion 

Though the advantages of retreads outweigh their disadvantages, fleet managers must commit to a routine tyre management program for retreads to pay off optimally. 

Given that tyres are the second biggest item in a fleet’s operating costs, it’s a rewarding commitment. Be sure to perform routine inspections to check your fleet’s tyre pressure and adjust them whenever necessary while keeping an eye the tread and wear depth. 


Fleet management, Tyre Retreading

How to manage the hidden risks associated with the fleets

Proper management of fleets is a critical responsibility in any business that wishes to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. 

Whether your fleet traverses through many cities, serves only a single start-up business or is anywhere in between, a fleet manager can greatly benefit when they invest in a cohesive and effective system to help manage emerging fleet risks.

The growing uncertainty in the world of economies makes cutting operational costs increasingly imperative.  With this in mind, fleet operators have to take proactive steps to boost the safety of their fleets while also minimizing their impact on the environment. 

Acknowledging these risks, 3G Tyres has put together a team of in-house experts to explore new ways in which fleet operating expenses can be reduced and environmental impact lessened. This is evident in the excellent quality of retreaded tyres the company produces. 

There are a myriad of case studies that prove that successful management of fleet risks doesn’t just help fleets to thrive—it also helps them to survive. 

So, what exactly are fleet risks?

Quite simply, fleet risks or work-related road risks are the risks that your employee could be involved in a collision while on duty. In this case, they could get injured, injure others or cause damage to property or the vehicle itself.

Generally, employers have the legal responsibility to assess and minimise potential risks. If you are a small business owner, you may not think you have a fleet but if any of your workers ever gets to drive a van or car on your behalf, these issues will still be applicable to you and or your business.

Why you need to manage these hidden risks

For instance, if you have 5 or more workers, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, you are required to have written risk assessments of how activities related to your business could affect your employees or other people and property. 

Undoubtedly, this legislative includes work-related driving such as cars, trucks and vans which are considered an extension of the workplace. Even if your workers are less than 5, you owe them a legal duty of care to ensure your driving-related activities do not put drivers or other road users at any risk.

Truly, the not-so-obvious costs of insurance claims or repairs can be mind-boggling, but did you know that the hidden costs arising when your fleet gets involved in a collision are usually between 4 times and 32 times the cost of repairing the damaged vehicle? Well, now you know.

Poor management of your fleets by drivers can also cost your business large amounts of money, but in most cases, this happens in ways that you can’t easily recognize, hence eating into your hard-earned profits.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand where gaps exist and make every effort to improve your work-related risk management procedures including choosing to retread your fleet’s tyres instead of buying new standard tyres. 

3G Tyres is a reputed company that specialises in Truck Tyre retreading. From supply of retreaded tyres, servicing, repair to retreading all kinds of tyres, 3G will help you save on your fleet operational costs while ensuring safety on the road through top-grade retreads made using rigorous processes and eco-friendly products. 

So why choose 3G Tyres? The company’s main focus is on you the customer: delivering to you high-grade products and efficient services at an affordable rate every time.

Ultimately, you can be sure of huge financial benefits to your business and reduced chances of recurring damage to your fleet when you trust 3G Tyres with your fleet’s retreaded tyre needs. 

For more information on our tyre retreading services, visit our website by clicking here.


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