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Top 8 Reasons Why Retreads Could Be Better Than New Tyres

The decision to choose retreads is often informed by the desire of fleet owners and managers to protect bottom lines while ensuring safety and achieving their ultimate business goals. 

No doubt, investment in retreaded tyres comes with cost savings for your fleet, economic benefits for the entire sector and significant energy savings for planet earth.

Today, retreaded truck tyres are widely preferred in countless countries including South Africa. This article lists the top 8 reasons why retreaded tyres are becoming a better option than new tyres when motorists are replacing their worn original tyres:

1. Cost-savings

This is simple mathematics, and as easy as 1+1=2. Retreaded tyres cost less than the standard tyres, saving fleet owners thousands on rands on the third most costly item on their budgets after labour and fuel. 

2. Reliability

Contrary to the common myths about retreads, reliable studies show that retreaded tyres deliver reliability similar to that of brand new tyres. This has been confirmed by several research works done over the past two decades, all of which conclude that retreaded tyres are after all not inherently more prone to failure than the new tyres.

3. Wear Just Like The New Tyres

Advanced tread designs and compounding techniques enable retreaded tyres to deliver wear out mileage comparable to or even better than the new tyres. As a matter of fact, a recent test carried out to test a truck’s toughest applications saw Bandag’s BRM3 retread out wear premium new tyres specifically—Michelin XZUS2 and Goodyear Endurance WHA.  

4. Energy Savings

Producing one retreaded truck tyre requires 68% less energy compared to a new tyre. This saves enough energy to power thousands of homes in South Africa. 

5. Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that retreaded tyres are the most fuel efficient tyres on the market today? Now you know. In fact, statistics show that for every 362 new and retreaded tyres assessed for rolling resistance, retreads from Bandag’s FuelTech were rated among the top 10% in rolling resistance of all the tyres tested.

6. Oil Savings

Basically, tyres are petroleum products. A retreaded truck tyre consumes about 15 fewer gallons of oil to manufacturer than a brand new tyre. Considering that nearly 14 million retreads are bought each year, this translates to an annual saving of around 210 million gallons of oil. 

7. Ecologically Friendly

Every year, millions of retreaded medium truck tyres are bought, potentially saving millions of used tyre casings from ending up in landfills and waste streams. Those are enough casings that if laid end to end, they would circulate the entire African continent and back. 

8. Reduced Carbon footprint

In one independent analysis that compared the relative carbon footprint of new tyres and retreads, it was found that retreading led to a 30% reduction of CO2 emissions than the manufacture of brand new tires.

Definitely, enough reasons why you should consider retreads, right? And when you finally choose to retread, be sure to purchase from a reliable retreading company—3G Tyres it is; a specialist in truck tyre retreading in South Africa. 

Whether looking to supply, repair or service retreads, 3G is the company to trust. For more information on our services, click here.


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