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Tyre Retreading

Discover how retreading services benefit your commercial fleet

Owning a commercial fleet of vehicles is not a walk in the park and it’s expected that you’ll want to make sure you get value in every aspect of their performance, safety, fuel consumption and tyre maintenance.

When it comes to commercial vehicles like trucks, tyres take the biggest chunk of the maintenance cost—it can cost you an arm and a leg to buy brand new tyres! 100% true!

But, what if there was a better way to reduce that cost while still getting quality tyres that spell safety and affordability? For a moment, forget about proper tyre inflation, good tyre rotation and proper loading.

Listen, using retreaded tyres on your fleet is the only sure way to significantly lower your tyre maintenance costs. That’s right.

The process of retreading tyres has emerged as the fastest and easiest way to make your fleet tyres more durable, ultimately reducing your fleet costs. 

The process of retreading tyres adds new rubber on to an existing tyre when it is worn out. In fact, tyres of heavy duty moving machinery like trucks and dumpers which carry heavy loads ranging from 40 tons to 180 tons and tyre sizes of 6 to 12 feet are the best to retread. 

3G Tyres is a specialist Johannesburg truck tyre retreading Service Company that does just that. As an industry leader in the repair of “off the road” (OTR) truck tyre retreads, we offer our dealers a wide range of retreaded products and repair options perfectly customized to suit every need. 

As the largest and most reliable truck tyre retreading company in Johannesburg, we strive to deliver precision rubber products that feature the highest standards. 

Our high-grade retreaded products are made using special techniques that set us apart in the industry. From Vulcanzing Repair, Tyre Salvaging to Repair of Punctures, you can trust us for the best OTR tyres. 

With 3G Tyres, quality is assured! Since the very beginning, we’ve been the #1 choice truck tyre service company that delivers the best retread products at a highly affordable cost without compromising on the quality of retreads.

3G Tyres retreads and repairs employs special moulds distinctly designed to match the sizes of heavy duty tyres. If you are looking for first-class retread tyre range that guarantees safety and efficiency, 3G Tyres is the way to go. We keep you moving safely.

More Benefits of 3G Retread Tyres

Our retread truck tyres don’t just save you money, they deliver other benefits too:

  • Ecologically friendly—retreaded tyres are repurposed and won’t stay out in the landfill
  • No chunks of rubber left all over the road
  • Last longer, extending the original tyre’s life
  • Guaranteed safety

Our manufacturing process for tyre retreading generates safe, quality and durable tyres that are as good as the brand new tyres. As a matter of fact, the Tyre Retread & Repair Information Bureau reports that about 80% of all aircraft and commercial fleet vehicles tyres in the United States are outfitted with retreaded tyres. Furthermore, retreading tyres saves the global trucking sector over 3 billion dollars each year. If that’s not a reason enough to consider retreads, I don’t know what will.

Why Purchase 3G Retread Tyres?

It’s estimated that buying retreaded tyres can save you about 30% to 50% off the cost of purchasing new tyres. Retreads deliver the same performance standards as that of brand new tyres at a fraction of the cost. 3G retreads not only save you money but are good to the environment too. When you choose retreads, you keep old tyres off the road and landfills.

Are you considering retreaded tyres? Well, learn more on how to save money with retreads here. 



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