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Specialists in Truck Tyre Retreading

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Our Services

We specialise in repair and retreading services as well as the supply of retreaded tyres and Otr (off the road tyres) that cater to various needs and requirements.

Tyre Retreading

We replace the tread on worn tyres. The retread is applied to casings of spent truck tyres.

New and Retread Tyres

We supply all size truck tyres. Both  new, second hand and also retreads

Punctures and Repairs

If and when required, nail holes and section repairs are performed within guidelines.

Vulcanzing Repair

We vulcanize tyres through  a chemical process, used to harden rubber.

Tyre Salvaging

We also retrieve or preserve tyres and  prevent potential loss or waste.

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Founded in 2008

” Our journey began with a simple idea of reducing tyre maintenance costs. “

Since 2008 3G Tyres has been a customer-driven enterprise. We are committed to honesty, integrity, excellence and end-user satisfaction.

Why choose us ?

The focus is on you: getting you high-grade products and efficient service at an affordable rate.

Long lasting tyres

Our tyres will provide great quality and offer you long lasting service with good with proper maintenance and care.

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