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Our retreading plant is located in Robertville and run by highly skilled technicians who ensure production of quality retreads. We specialise in repair and retreading services as well as the supply of retreaded tyres that cater to various needs and requirements. Since 2008 3G Tyres has been a customer-driven enterprise. We are committed to honesty, integrity, excellence and end-user satisfaction. The focus is on you: getting you high-grade products and efficient service at an affordable rate.

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When To Retread?

Don’t be fooled: It is not more economical to wait until the last minute!

According to experts, the best time to retread is when a tread measurement shows at least 4/32” of tread remaining on the tyre casing. It is strongly advised against waiting until the tread wear indicators show in the tyre. This delay could cause the casing to be wasted from a retread standpoint.

Some of the old tread rubber base is needed for good adhesion of the new tread, which is why it works to your advantage to pull the tyres early. If the casing is in good condition, retreading can extend the life of the tyre by another hundred-plus thousand kilometres. And often, the process can be repeated a second and third time.